Sameer Sharma, alumni of Chitkara university, batch 2003-07 is an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs. His story started when he got placed in a multinational company in 2007 which of course did give him a lot of global exposure for around five years but failed to satisfy the entrepreneur he was at heart. This made him quit his fancy job and Co-Found Tri Network Limited in year 2012. With their flagship website, www.trideal.in, the company became the biggest hyper-local discount portal of Tri city within a short span of three years, competing strongly and firmly against the big brands. The company got it's major recognition when in October, 2015 it got acquired by a PAN India Company, called 'Little Internet Pvt. Ltd'. 'Little' is a subsidiary of Zovi.com. It is funded by the investors of Paytm, Justdial and Flipkart. His hard work, dedication and never give up attitude made him see his dreams turn into reality. He definitely made it grand. Sameer Sharma worked as the Vice President in Little Internet Pvt. Ltd after trideal and later on founded Uengage Services Pvt Ltd (SHOUTLO) in the year 2018. 'ShoutLo is a Local Content Discovery Platform, covering a wide spectrum of interests that includes food, events, travel, adventure, lifestyle, and shopping, among other things and curate recommendations across categories, providing unique local discoveries in innovative formats.

Sameer Sharma


People say that only likes attract but our journey started with a team like Chalk and Cheese. Starting with a team of 2 founders with personalities like north and south poles of a magnet, we have today reached to be a family of many members. Our motto has been that we may fail, but we will not quit.

This is the attitude that has lead us to develop long term associations. We have earned partners rather than clients. We worked for some of our partners for virtually free, today they are our biggest pay masters.

Hardeep Singh , Salman Ansari


At SchoolPad we are on a mission to help schools progress better by making teachers more productive and improving the levels of parental involvement through better parent-teacher communication. We were incorporated in June 2013 when we started with 2 pilot schools and till date we have signed up with more than 50 schools and more than 2 Lakh parents, students and teachers who are part of the platform. In 2014, we were also selected as one of the 5 SME Heroes by Google India from the Tricity Region followed by the top 10 SMB's from India to showcase our product in New Delhi in 2017 again by Google. This event was lead by Sundar Pichai, Google CEO and Shri Ravishankar, IT Minister.

Abhiraj Malhotra

Sd fine art

SD Fine Arts led by an Engineer turned Artist which started in a Hostel Room with limited resources and now presently working with renowned 5 star hotel chain has its own story of passion, consistency, and perseverance.
Chitkara Incubation Innovator has the right eye to see through the entrepreneur's vision and the love for his/her startup and thus we landed up here in this little world of Big Dreams.

SD Fine Arts is an online portal where you can order fine hand sketched / handpainted portraits which will be crafted by a team of fine artists specializing in different art forms and the artwork will be delivered at your doorstep within a specific duration of time.

Sharad Dabra

SPM Bioplastics

SPM Bioplastics is another successful startup mentored by Chitkara University. The company was founded by the two young minds Mr. Pranav Goel and Ms. Saloni Goel in 2019. Mr. Pranav Goel is the 3rd year student of Computer Science engineering at Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh & Ms. Saloni Goel is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad. Plight of potato growing farmers left them dumb struck during one of their visit to “Bichpuri”, a village of Agra. Lack of adequate supply chain infrastructure and poor value-adding opportunities were identified as the major reasons. In the last year, India lost 18 lakh tonnes of starch due to potato waste that had the potential to be converted into bioplastics. On the other hand, the menace caused by petroleum-based plastics is immense. They decided to combat both the problems by producing bioplastics from waste/inedible potatoes. This bioplastic has the potential to replace petroleum-based plastic.
Inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, SPM Bioplastic Private Limited aims to manufacture 100% biodegradable plastic from waste potatoes. SPM Bioplastic is an amalgamation of green technology and waste management. The final products would be 100% non-toxic and this plastic can be the safest packaging material for processed food.
SPM Bioplastic has won many awards and recognitions in the last past year. They received an appreciation letter from the honourable Minister of state commerce and industry, Punjab for their commendable work. International achievements include HULT Prize (represented India in Asia Pacific Regionals), National level awards from CIIE (IIM Ahmedabad), FMS, Ministry of Agriculture. SPM Bioplastics featured in 20 news articles, some of them are Zee News, Times of India, Business Standard, and the Hans.
SPM Bioplastic is mentored & incubated at CEED, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh where they are receiving continuous support from Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and CEED.
Saloni Goel secured first rank in the PGP-FABM program. She will be representing India in the Y20 Summit (part of G20 Summit) this year in Saudi Arabia. She has received Parmesh Shah (Global lead, World Bank) Industry scholarship for her excellent performance at IIMA and was awarded fellowship on merit basis of International exchange to IFSH Chicago, USA by MOFPI, GOI.  Mr. Pranav Goel has represented Punjab at National rural games and secured a gold medal in Badminton. Also he has 2 patents to his name.


About the Startup: RidezNow is another successful startup mentored by Chitkara University. The company was founded by 3r d year students of         Computer Science engineering at Chitkara University, Punjab, Ankit Mathuria and Vipul Sharma in August 2019. They realized the problem of students living in the hostels struggling to get good transport facilities for travelling as most of the hostel students don’t have any personal vehicle for going out of the campus. To address this problem, the team looked at different options of transport such as cars, two-wheelers, and cycles. They chose two-wheelers, as it seemed like the natural and affordable choice.
Later the team was joined by Abhisar Ahuja who now became an equally integral part of the team. Building a startup takes a lot of effort, blood and sweat, which the three of them spent rigorously to get their establishment into a working model. They started off with just two vehicles. They have been in operations for almost a year and till date their priorities are unchanged which means their customers i.e. students remain on top. The pillars of excellence for the company are time, money and comfort which signify that they are committed to provide comfortable and less time consuming services at affordable rates. At present, RidezNow services are available only for the students of University. Ridez Now claims to have served over 200 rides on its platform and has generated revenue of around Rs 50,000. There are different tariffs that users can opt as per their requirements. The available tariffs are Rs 60 per hour, Rs 500 for 12 hours and Rs 750 for 24 hours.
On 7th February, 2020, the team raised an equity funding of Rs 50 Lacs from Mumbai based angel investors during “India Fund Fest” held at Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh. This enabled them to add more vehicles to the fleet. The company cares for the safety of their customers and provides them with ISI-certified helmets. The vehicles are maintained to stern standards. They are cleaned and serviced regularly. They intend to not stop here but to expand to other universities with various other services. The team is currently looking to add more vehicles and is working with different vendors and partners for the same. Mantra which kept them motivated is "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

SD Academia

About the Startup: Another successful startup mentored by Chitkara University, is SD Fine Arts, parent company of SD Academia, an online portal. SD Fine Art was started in 2015 solely by Mr. Sharad Dabra- an engineer by education & artist by profession. He completed his graduation in electronics and communication engineering from Chitkara University, Baddi (HP) in the year 2015. He started an online art portal where one can order fine hand sketched/ hand painted portraits which are crafted by a team of fine artists having specialization in different art forms and the artwork will be delivered at one’s doorstep within a specific duration of time. In 2019, Mr. Sharad Dabra, along with his 11 member’s team, stepped into Art education with “SD Academia” & their new centre in the heart of Chandigarh, sector 8 was inaugurated by honorable Pro Chancellor of Chitkara University Dr. Madhu Chitkara. In 2020, their art education portal (www.sdacademia.in) is running in full swing and by 2024 they are aiming to open branches in 30+ cities Pan India. The startup has been incubated by Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation.
Mr. Sharad Dabra started his journey with a pencil, paper, little knowledge and a lot of passion. His aim was to bridge the gap between people and artists by delivering customized art works. The batch mates and all the juniors saw his initiative through a Facebook page he created and few orders floated in. He got selected by Ericsson Global through campus placement. By the end of graduation, he was making more money through art than the first salary he got after joining the company.
After working in Ericsson for a few months, he realized that he is not fit for this job and convinced his parents to be back for a new start. His parents were pretty supportive and they let him do what he believed in. He cracked a few artistic interior projects and Chitkara Innovation Incubation Foundation (CIIF) offered him his first office space with a premium first cabin. It was no less than a blessing to have that. Things got rolling and then his co-founder Ms. Ridhima Garg stepped in. Since then they have done premium artistic interior projects in North India for brands like Hyatt Regency, The Brew Estate, Peddlers, Burgrill, Chitkara University's Explore Hubs and a lot more. 


Aiotize, a startup mentored by CEED, Chitkara University develops bespoke Business Intelligence solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide by applying a layer of analytics through proprietary cloud-based, AI engine Cognixa. Aiotize was founded by Mr. Shivansh Sethi in 2018. He earned his engineering degree from Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh in Electronics & Communication domain in the year 2016.
He is the believer of Stephen Hawking's theory of Relativity & Quantum Gravity and inspired by Elon Musk & Jack Ma’s fearless pursuit of their respective journeys. He founded Aiotize in 2018 with a vision to improve and inculcate end to end solutions for Aerial Logistics or Drone freight carriers. With one year of intensive development, Aiotize has grown exponentially with 3 C.X.O.'s, an experienced board of advisors and a team of Interns from IITs & IIMs. Currently he is successfully piloting the Food Delivery through an Unmanned Drone vehicle with autopilot assist. Also, he is about to launch Cognixa Cloud based AI on Demand platform which is a novel solution & AI powered drone fleet based on the concept of Internet of Drones.
His first entrepreneurial experience started off with his part-time event management venture “The 5th Chapter”. He did many significant projects of event & planning like concerts, Gigs & F&B launch events. 
Before jumping into the entrepreneurship world, he worked with HCL Technologies, Noida, IBM Legacy Servers and Cummins Inc. U.S. After working for MNC’s, he joined a startup “Jungleworks” as a Customer Success Manager. He eventually moved to the electric vehicles Business domain of the Jungleworks and led the team for developing Drone Logistics. His journey so far in the startup culture leads him to believe the potential in himself to pull off his own venture. He holds technical expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & end to end IoT solutions for Logistics & electric fleet management solutions.


Anukai is coined from the word - 'Anunnaki', which was a group of deities who appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians. Just like these deities brought a drastic change to our world, we at Anukai thrive to bring a change by solving real-world problems via Artificial Intelligence powered solutions that are exceedingly “Accurate”, “Appropriate” and “Affordable”. 
We work in the domain of Urban Mobility for Smart Cities, and provide “Integrated Traffic Management & Road Infrastructure planning” solutions that not only help to decongest traffic but also provide high quality & real-time traffic movement insights to potential businesses. 
At Anukai, we are unbiased towards the people we work with. We have employees with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
Mr. Gaurav Goyal (Founder & CEO of Anukai Solutions) is a deep learning enthusiast who loves to dig solutions for real life problems. Based out of Patiala, Punjab, he has done his Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from Chitkara University, Punjab. Furthermore, Mr. Gaurav has four SCI Journal Publications. His research background helps him to develop solutions that have a strong foundation.
Currently, Anukai is at a growing stage where we have raised an investment from Pre-Series Funding, and will be completing installations of 8 nodes in Ludhiana, Punjab. Also, we have got funding of rupees 80 lakhs from angel investors during “India’s Fund Fest” organized by CEED, Chitkara University, on 7th February 2020 at Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh. We also have secured a pilot opportunity from Cyberabad which we plan to finish in Q3 2020 and install a minimum 15 nodes in Cyberabad at the end of 2020.


YourMaali is one of the student startups mentored by the Centre of Entrepreneurship & Education Development (CEED), Chitkara University. YourMaali is a startup born out of the CEED Accelerator Program (CAP) cohort-I (Batch 2019-2020). YourMaali, started by Shobhit Singh, student of B.E(Computer Science-2nd year), works in the field of horticulture where they provide services like vertical gardens, rooftop kitchen gardens, landscapes etc. to corporate offices, institutions and work spaces.  
Later on in Dec 2019, Sanchit Soni, another student from B.E (3rd year), Chitkara University joined YourMaali. They started focussing upon projects related to vertical walls and landscaping. In the beginning of year 2020, Gagandeep Kumar joined team YourMaali.
Starting a start-up while pursuing your education is not easy but with their consistent efforts & team work not only they have made it look easy but they are also setting milestones for others to take inspiration. Now the team of three people is working hard to complete the initial projects they got.
Start-up started to see a continuous progress and also some more projects were in the pipeline but later in March 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19 & lockdown their operations got stopped for two months. But they have started their operations again & recently completed the project of Chitkara Incubation Centre, Mohali.
YourMaali is now focussing on building a concrete model which would help them to expand to other cities & states. They are creating high impact in the much unorganized field of horticulture and the gardener’s community.
YourMaali gives credit of their success to the mentoring & support they received at CEED. For them entrepreneurship is all about 4 P’s i.e. Purpose, Perspective, Plan & Persistence.