Startup Weekend Chandigarh 2018 – Final Pitches

Startup Weekend Chandigarh 2018 Final Pitches

Startup Weekend Chandigarh 2018 – Final Pitches

Esha October 5, 2018

What if you can pitch your idea and get started on a magnificent journey of entrepreneurship? Well, that’s kind of getting true with Startup Weekend Chandigarh 2018.


Ideas Pitched

A few of many ideas that were pitched at the Startup Weekend Chandigarh 2018 were –

SERVOn is an innovative startup that has been working on the idea of placing unemployed individuals based on their skills and to offer services to the right clientele.

What if the fashion designers and tailors get along on the same platform? Well, that’s the idea of VU Shopping where they’re offering AR-VR based shopping platform to bring the fashion designers and the tailors together.

Would you like the idea of mobile repair at a great cost with user-friendly services? Get It Done brings it to you.

Chemist Connect brings the chemists on an online buyer and seller platform. Having brilliant chemists on the platform allows the buyers to get the quality medicines.

WORKIFY makes the students’ lives easier. Now along with studying, they can work part-time, invest in a few hours and earn in their leisure based on their skill-sets.

KHAOPEO is a terrific idea where the innovators will provide an online food service that will employ maids and housewives.

Love two-wheelers? But don’t have one? You can now hire two-wheelers on rent with MOTOTRAP.

VANLINGO is a language learning platform that lets the students and the university students travel internationally.



At the Startup Weekend Chandigarh, the judges were chosen with care so that they can value and uplift the best idea among all –

  • Mr. Siddhartha Kumar – He is from Dua Associates.
  • Mr. Sameer Jain – He is the founder and CEO of NetSolutions.
  • The third judge of the Startup Weekend Chandigarh – Mr. Ashwini Bagga from Keiretsu.
  • Mr. Sumeer Walia – Director CUCEED



  • Mr. Mahesh Yadav – Founder @ Santulan Ventures
  • Mr Karan Checker – Founder Spurr, Director – SNA Power
  • Dr Shweta Singh – Founder & CEO Ennoble IP & Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF)
  • Mr. Mohit Bansal – Deck Rooster-Founder & CEO
  • Mr. Arush Chopra – Co-founder & CEO – Just Herbs
  • Dr Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal – Mentor & Professor-Entrepreneurship CEED
  • Mr. Abhinav – Founder at Raahi
  • Mr. Vivek Pratap Singh Rathore – Co-founder – Subhe eLearning, Inc
  • Mr. Siddharth Angrish – Co-founder, CEO – Jiyyo, Ex-Apple, Netflix
  • Ms Neha Gupta – Founder – Wondrbox
  • Ms Abha Sharma – Assistant Professor – Chitkara University, Baddi

Top three winners

There were three startup ideas that stood out –

  • The first was Chemist Connect. This startup has four students from Chitkara University and one student from PEC.
  • The second place was given to VANLINGO. The VANLINGO team consists of students from Chitkara University.
  • The third place was given to WORKIFY that helps students earn a decent income in their leisure time based on their skills. The members of WORKIFY are also from Chitkara University.

Special mentions were given to Toll You and Super Store for their innovative ideas.

Next Steps

The purpose behind organizing Startup Weekend Chandigarh was to promote startup culture in the region and encourage entrepreneurship. The winners and the chosen startups will be provided with the right guidance and mentoring so they can execute, build right teams, and get the funding they need.