CEED October 22, 2018

Chandigarh October 16, 2018

Over 17 Startup Ideas from Pan India came and presented at the pre finals of
the Bootcamp for Ingenuity 2018, a global innovators competition. The event started
with an inaugural speech given by Dr. M M Gupta founding member of CRIKC (Chandigarh
Region Innovation and knowledge cluster) who motivated the startups on how the Indian
entrepreneurial mentors lobby can help them reach their goals.

The Mentor cum Jury panel comprised Dr Deepti Gupta-Dean International students Punjab
University. Dr. Archana Mantri Pro-Vice Chancellor Chitkara University, Rajpura. Mr.
Sumeer Walia Director-CEED and Dr. Meenu Gupta Department of English, Panjab
University. Startups from Pune, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Himachal, Amritsar, Rajpura,
Banur, Pinjore region pitched for 5 minutes each followed by Q&A.

The shortlisted startups will compete in the Global finals at Nottingham University,
Ningbo China in December 2018. The finals will witness investors from China, India and
the UK along with 10 Startups each from these three nations. The goal of this global
battle of business ideas is to pave the way for an international business corridor
among these three nations and increase the scope to scale.

Following is the list of Startups, those who pitched their Ideas at the Punjab
University English Auditorium on 16th October 2018.

Anukai- AI based traffic management system to help manage better traffic routes in city
based on traffic in city.

Docs In Blocks- Provide security to personal documents through block chain already
working in collaboration with Telangana University.

Xovian- it is an aerospace startup with a vision to provide sustainable solutions in
satellite technologies including satellite parts and satellite sub stations.

Sickle Innovations- Hardware Automation in fruit plucking industry to save time and
maintain quality of fruits at the same time, the startup is from Ahmedabad and is doing
roaring sales in Himachal Pradesh.

Sea Cup- “Making transportation easier” launching a responsive e-bike that has an
international market and targets premium customers.

AgVisi Solution- “Sustainable Farms and Future” helping the the farmer to get maximum
share for their productivity through centralized vegetable and fruits distribution

Cialfor BlockChain Solution- It is a platform for hospitals and patience’s to store
their medical record. The information can be accessed securely whenever and wherever
you need.

Moksh- The team has created an Innovative machine that helps to dispose crop waste by
converting into dry powder in the form of activated charcoal thereby helping farmers
economically and saving time simultaneously.

BBOOrja- A clean technology preventing sable burning with smoke less “chulla”
technology using agriculture waste.

Aiotize – It is an IOT based solution company which is developing face recognition
system for better security. A startup in AI field.

Paperless Erasable E-braille Slate- The focus is on blind kids where they intend to
create a braille slate to reduce paper use and build a stronger education alternative
for blind students/people.