How an innovative startup raised 25 lakh in funding?

How an innovative startup raised 25 lakh in funding?

How an innovative startup raised 25 lakh in funding?

Esha September 29, 2018

Think like an entrepreneur.
What would you do if you’re told that you need to sell a machine that chooses the weeds selectively and treats the weeds with high-frequency waves!

Would you be able to sell this innovative machine to one farmer, a hundred, even a thousand?

Turned out this machine can literally pare down the problems of weeds for the farmers. They can take the machine, use it on their farm, and without any jolt they can get rid of harmful weeds in a very short stint.

This machine is the product of an innovative mind, Dr Nitin Saluja. He has been serving Chitkara University as Assistant Director (Research) for more than 4.5 years and he is the Founder and Director of GFF Innovations that supports and helps their clients cope up with an ever-changing environment.

The E-Deweeder

The name instantly piques interest. Doesn’t it?

But what’s more interesting is the work it does.

If you’ve not been very familiar with weed control, here’s how weed controlling works.

First of all, farmers consider a plant as a weed when –
● The plant has no value whatsoever. Value means nutritional or medicinal properties.

● The plant grows rapidly.
● The plant competes with the actual crops the farmers want to grow in terms of sunlight, water, space etc.

Hence, the natural response to all weeds is weed control. Where there are many traditional methods like pest control, manual removal, cultural method etc., E-Dweeder works best.

First, it selects the weeds.

Then, it uses high-frequency waves to treat the weed.

And finally, it removes the weeds that are harmful or unhealthy.

As a result, farmers can save more time and more money while treating weeds.

Dr Nitin Saluja said that they’re offering this innovative machine to the farmers for just INR 280 per acre. As a result, this machine has become the most fascinating discovery for weed control.

Plus, this machine also doesn’t need any chemical to treat weeds. That means it will reduce the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals and offers an affordable solution in controlling weeds to the farmers.

Funding of INR 25 lakhs

GFF Innovations, the company that was being built by the masterminds at Chitkara University, won the Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP) 2.0 award for another innovation called “Moksh” that transmutes the rice-straw into a formation of powder.

Like “E-Deweeder”, “Moksh” too was the brainchild of Dr Nitin Saluja and Mr Varinder Singh. This innovation doesn’t only help GFF Innovations get the well-deserved recognition, but it has also helped the company in receiving a whopping INR 25 lakhs as funding (actually the monetary benefits of the award).

This isn’t the first time, CURIN Innovators have won this prestigious award. But this is rather the second time they made Chitkara University proud of their achievements.

What’s the lesson for budding entrepreneurs?

If you’re just starting out or dreaming the dream of owning your magic wand, you can learn a ton from Dr Saluja and Chitkara University’s bright minds.
They have proven that entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be earth-shattering. And you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to find a pressing problem and look for the solution with whatever resources you already have.
And if you do, maybe, just maybe, you would be the next business hero of our times! Don’t you think