SURGE 0.1, A Chitkara University’s initiative brings together the region’s startup ecosystems and subsystems, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs, academic community, and region’s success stories to a common and interactive platform. The core objective of this E-Summit is to introduce the VCs and industry pioneers to the current startups landscape, and to enable entrepreneurs seek mentoring and fundraising opportunities from the funds pool.

Chandigarh region is often seen as a not-so-mature market for startups to raise funds or to find right VC community for mentoring. The E-Summit is a step to accelerate Chandigarh’s growth towards being an exciting startup market that is a win-win for startups, VCs, and the talent pool.

The incubators are playing a huge role in this entire startups ecosystem growth and these incubators have their own cycle and constraints. The E-Summit talks about their role in the community and how they are such an important success factory of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is challenging and it is a long yet exciting journey. The founders needs access to right mentors, incubators, and a support system (academic, government, and for profit businesses) to learn the best startups growth strategies. They should see this ESummit as an opportunity to see their goals beyond the product ideas stage.

Team CEED.