Student’s Industrial Visit


Students of  SECTION 5L (2017 BATCH) CSE Himachal Campus visited Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation to get a feel of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and also to make students aware of the options available to them apart from the corporate sector and not to succumb to the conventional jobs since a startup is all about following your passion and creating your own options.

In full enthusiasm accompanied by faculty Ms. Tarandeep Kaur 43 students explored many startups beginning with the SD Finearts run by a team of artists headed by Mr. Sharad Dawar,  an alumnus of Chitkara University (HP campus). His stunning masterpieces captivated everyone. Students got to interact with Jatin Sachdeva , a Chitkara University alumnus and founder of LOGOLIZE who told about how taking baby steps can benefit in the long run in the field of entrepreneurship.

While interacting to Mr. Aniket Bhardwaj Students hit the right cords with him as he shared experiences of his life at the CU HP campus but not without motivating students. He enlightened students about the challenges of the corporate sector, thereby signifying the importance of startups in the present era. He told students to keep thinking out of the box and nurturing their ideas without the fear of failure.

Students were encouraged to participate in the coming STARTUP DAY and were also informed about the various fellowships being offered to pursue this unconventional and relatively new field.