Master Class on “Building startups from the University”

A master class was delivered by Mr. Abhiraj, Founder School pad to the students of CAP COHORT-II on 18th August 2020. Around 48 students from CAP COHORT-II attended the session. Mr. Abhiraj focused on some points which every budding entrepreneur should follow and these points include: Intention, Focus and Perseverance. He mentioned that one should have the right intention of doing the business. If one’s intention is not right, then startup will not be successful. Also the focus should be right. One should know what actually is to be done and when is to be done. However they may have a lot of difficulties in achieving the targets but one should not distract from the focus. He also mentioned that Chitkara University has a very good ecosystem for young entrepreneurs. CEED is acting like a catalyst and without the support of CEED, Schoolpad would not have tasted success. He suggested that vision should be very clear. Students must take a call whether they want to go for placements or they want to build their startups.