How to build a Lean Startup by Rahul Narvekar



‘How to build a lean startup’

Chitkara University, HP hosted a very amazing personality Mr. RAHUL NARVEKAR, CEO, Sun and Sands Advisors Ltd. Alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad & IIM-Calcutta, Rahul is a seasoned Startup entrepreneur with a successful track record. He is the former Founder/CEO of NDTV Ethnic Retail Limited ( and former founder of the famous ecommerce site Fashion & You. A personality with all the elements of the retail experience be it online or offline. A story teller par excellence.

Over 250 aspiring students attended the engaging talk and learn the tips to be an entrepreneur and how they can setup their own Startup.

It was an inspiring session where Mr Narvekar shared his journey from a chawl to owning such a whimsical lifestyle and creating a 85 million dollar valuation company. He interacted with the young minds via his candid talk with an attempt to gear up students to ideate and acknowledge them regarding start-ups. He discussed the current status of Indian economy and the challenges one can face while starting a new venture.

Don’t wait for the right idea, pick up any simple one and focus on the execution; start to take risks, face challenges, fall and fight back but don’t give up; learn to accept rejection where few of the take aways of his session with the students.

We thank Mr Rahul for the wisdom, knowledge & time that he shared with us and look forward to many more sessions with him in the future.