Entrepreneurship Knowledge series

Change and growth cannot happen in isolation. It requires combined efforts and actions for impactful results. To foster joint efforts and learning innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, professionals, students, community leaders and many others came together at Chandigarh’sChitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship and Education Development (CUCEED) and experienced the real challenges, highs and lows that make up life at a startup. It was a two day Entrepreneurship Knowledge Series programme in which more than 35 members from variant domains came together to shared their experiences and knowledge with each other for impactful results.

The programme had a great start with the knowledge sharing session on how to create a real product and startup addressed by Kunal Nandwani, ‎Founder & CEO, uTrade Solutions. He shared his real life experiences and said that he is very optimistic about the future of innovative business ideas in India.” He appreciated the programme and said, “Such informal setting programs to educate and mentor startups are the need of the hour. Not only they help in learning but also building small group communities, that can work integrally to support good startups.”

Programme organizer, Director, CEED, Sumeer Walia mentioned, “These types of programme are very important for changing the future of entrepreneurship in India. So this is going to be a perpetual affair at CEED for integrating minds through collateral learning on building enterprises and providing solutions for participants.”

On the 2nd day, the programme had a wonderful ending, with the rise of possibilities in tie ups amongst the group mates, partnerships, knowledge transfer, discussions, team building solutions, patent ownership and transfer opportunities, new friendships and a lot more. The program witnessed an exalted level of engagement and Q & A sessions. Whereas a visit from Co- Founder and Vice President of Chitkara University, Mohit Chitkara, elevated the excitement and motivation as he candidly conversed and interacted with the participants and listened their ideas and problems.

Sumeer Walia concluded, “By organizing the Entrepreneurship Knowledge Series, he has set the stage of new beginning. The Volume 2 of the Knowledge series will be hosted again with the mentor, Kunal Nandwani in December 2016. This will be organized for sharing new ideas as well as knowing all about the progress and development of already shared ideas with the mentoring team.

Watch out for our next Batch!!!!!