Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)-II organized by Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED), Chitkara University was all about igniting validation of ideas. The day opened with an activity on “Be the Leader of your own destiny” conducted by Dr Adarsh Aggarwal, Professor-CEED. “Biggest startups are those who are able to make their customer additive to their product & services. like Facebook” said Mr Ashutosh Kumar, Delhi-Founder –Archipidia, Startup Fellowship, Also during his session he taught students a key tool -Eisenhower Matrix that will help them remain time-bound and increase the odds of success. Divya Mahajan, Director of Kosmos Hyundai, Ludhiana said “one should not have plan B, if they want to succeed with plan-A “Challenges are constant, keep fighting and stick to one Plan”. The students were also encouraged to look at the family businesses as an opportunity to bring innovation to the classic business.