Eat Right Burn Right
( be a part of a power fitness session with Dhruv Sharma)

Dhruv Sharma is internationally certified health, fitness coach and a Yoga teacher. Coming from a Sporting background and always having a keen interest in sports and fitness. He pursued a fitness course from Australia where he got to learn from the best in the business. After coming back to India he worked with the Hyatt hotels for 3 yrs as a fitness supervisor where he got to train many celebrities and athletes as well. He is the personal trainer of Ex Indian Hockey team captain Sardar Singh who is considered as one of the fittest athletes in India. He recently did 500 hours of international certification in Yoga from the Prestigious Sivananda Yoga institution in south India and holds the Title of Yoga Acharya (Masters in Yoga). Right now he is the only one who holds an RYT 500 hours of certification in the city. Currently, he is also conducting fitness and Yoga Classes and is passionate about promoting a Healthy and active lifestyle among individuals, which he believes is an urgent need of the hour in today’s urban lifestyle. According to him, fitness is much more than having six pack abs and big muscles. It is equally important to be good at the body’s movement and being active both physically and mentally as well.