Students Industrial Visit

Photography: Manuj

Students Industrial Visit


Students in two groups visited Chitkara Innovation Incubator Foundation from Punjab campus Chitkara University on 19th an 20th September, 2017. Members of E-CELL, which has recently been inaugurated at the Punjab campus and the students who have participated in the upcoming Startup day 2017, a business idea challenge taking place on 3rd Nov, visited the incubator to experience the working culture of the startups and learn the problems that are faced in the initial journey. Students met the CEO’S of various startups and gained knowledge.

Mr. Vinish Garg, who is External Eye Experience Specialist, guided the students how they should start with an idea, what are the challenges and ways to tackle those challenges.

Ritu Chauhan, who is a journalist and writes on Entrepreneurship also interacted with the students and motivated them to do something different.

Students were excited to be a part of the ecosystem for sometime and absorbed the positivist and got motivated for the startup day.