Startup Day 4th Boot Camp

Photography: Manuj

4th BootCamp titled “Entrepreneurs aren’t born, they are made” held on September 11, 2017 at Explore Hub, Chitkara University, Punjab, exclusively for the students of MBA-Healthcare & MBA-Healthcare IT. The 2 hour long intensive & interactive training session was taken by Dr. Adarsh Kumar Aggarwal, Sr. Mentor & Professor-Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED). The main insights of the session were “How can I get a good business idea, and then turn it into a real business opportunity that could work? How do I test it for feasibility, and build a business model around this opportunity? What are the inherent risks? How do I discover them and prioritise my resources and efforts to removing these risks? What corporate habits must I unlearn and what new skills and routines should I develop if I want to be a really successful entrepreneur? The underlying focus of this BootCamp was to make the students learn how to think and act in entrepreneurial ways.

The BootCamp ensured a positive response from the participants who were considerably inspired by the notion of the entrepreneurship. The endurance of the BootCamp promised rise of new entrepreneurs.