About Ceed

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About Ceed

We all want to witness India- as a Renewed Nation. Our country has three factors going for it: the world’s largest youth absorption, the hyper-aspirations of its youth, and their edginess with comprehending their goals. India needs to create more jobs, India needs more entrepreneurs. We need to remove barriers for entrepreneurs. AirBnB as an example of a company reduces barriers for potential hosts and guests to contact each other and rate one another, thus building a virtuous cycle for business – this model offers a lot of learning for the Indian business ecosystem. Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CUCEED) has indeed imbibed this rhythm of igniting young minds to nurture the Nation’s vision of STARTUP INDIA-STAND UP INDIA. The journey has just begun with firm footholds to conquer the plethora of opportunities wherein students, faculty, alumni and community entrepreneurs get the belongingness of a company.

Our Vision

CEED is enthusiastic to evolving vibrant, viable, principled and socially accountable entrepreneurs through an all-inclusive slant of global entrepreneurship platform including entrepreneurial way of discerning, training and constructing confidence for the future members of our society.
The members through a real-world and hands-on approach to wisdom cultivate amongst themselves critical entrepreneurial performances and attitudes, advance essential knowledge and skills, and are able to discourse everyday problems faced by the community.


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